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The recordings and one woman show were musically directed, arranged, and accompanied by James (Jimmy) Horan. He is a renowned musical director, arranger, composer, and accompanist in NYC and one of my dearest friends. 

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  • Metro Show Montage4:10

The MacTrio delivers an authentic, polished jazz sound with a little added personality.

"I'm nothing without my band, I'm truly blessed to work with such gifted, dedicated, and professional  musicians."

Band members include: Dave Braham, Jason Teborek,  Tomoko Ohno, Belden Bullock, Diego Lopez, Greg Bufford, Chris Berger, Alex Gressel.

Julie grew up in the corn fields of Iowa. She was singing show tunes on a tractor from an early age!

She has performed stand up comedy in NJ, NYC, and the Catskills. She has performed her one woman show, "As I Am", at the Metropolitan Room in NYC, the Randolph Performing Arts Center, and other venues in NJ.

She performs regularly with her MacTrio at various venues in NJ.

Julie is a proud member of the New Jersey jazz Society: www.njjs.org

  • Killing Time1:51
  • Not Exactly Paris3:45
  • Have You Got Any Castles, Baby?2:49
  • Hey Look No Crying2:43
  • Lovely2:32
  • Small World2:29
  • Cry Me A River3:23
  • One Tin Soldier3:17
  • Something's Gotta Give2:20
  • Sweet Dreams4:00
  • Where or When3:08